IM event calendar

The table below lists all AIM/SWIM - related events organised at -or- participated by EUROCONTROL.

10-12 March 2015 World ATM Congress Madrid, Spain
24-25 March 2015 AIM-SWIM Team-8 EUROCONTROL, Belgium
21-22 April 2015 EAD Service Steering Group 21 PANSA
5-6 May 2015 TOD WG/20 EUROCONTROL, Belgium
19-21 May 2015 BUDDS Symposium to be defined
09-11 June 2015 Global AIM Ha Noi 2015 Hanoi, Vietnam
22-23 September 2015 AIM-SWIM Team-9 (tentative) EUROCONTROL, Belgium
13-14 October 2015 EAD Service Steering Group 22 Jordan

Would you like to submit an event that is not listed yet or do you have questions about one of these events, please send us an email.

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