Graduate programme

The EUROCONTROL Graduate Programme is a three-year programme aimed at high-potential recent graduates with a Master’s degree or higher. The programme comprises three separate assignments in different business areas of the Agency, providing graduates with broad hands-on work experience that could form the basis for making a career in the field of air traffic management within a multicultural intergovernmental environment.

At the end of the programme, successful graduates will have the possibility to embark on an expert career working in one of our specialist fields.

Graduates selected for this competitive programme will receive challenging tasks in each assignment, making a direct contribution to key Agency activities and projects. You will also be working closely with our stakeholders, which include the aviation industry, the airlines, airports, our Member States, the national air navigation service providers, the European Commission, fellow international organisations linked to aviation like EASA and ICAO, and international aviation-linked associations such as IACA and IATA. Throughout the programme you will receive advice and benefit from the experience of a personal mentor, in addition to having an experienced line manager for each assignment.

You can obtain a good idea of whether the Programme could be right for you by watching last year’s online chat, or by reading these testimonials from the first wave of graduates who started working at EUROCONTROL in 2012.

2014 Human Resources Graduate Programme

We are currently recruiting a graduate in the domain of Human Resources (HR). You can apply for this profile via Careers International. The deadline to submit your application is 27 August 2014.

Selection steps

Pre-selection: Online, by mid-September 2014

Reasoning ability online test: Online, about 15 days after submission of application

In-tray exercise: Online, by September 2014

Face-to-face assessment: Brussels, mid-September to end of October 2014

Interview: Brussels, end of October / beginning of November 2014

Salary & benefits

You will be offered:

  • a three-year graduate programme comprising an initial contract of 25 months including one month of initiation, with a renewal of 12 months, before final decision on future in the organisation
  • development opportunities through training and mentoring
  • a competitive salary

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