Flight Message Transfer Protocol (FMTP) specification

EUROCONTROL Specification on Flight Message Transfer Protocol (FMTP) – EUROCONTROL-SPEC-0100 - PUBLISHED


The Flight Message Transfer Protocol (FMTP) implementing rule, which contains high level requirements, is complemented by the EUROCONTROL Specification on FMTP, EUROCONTROL-SPEC-0100. This EUROCONTROL Specification defines the minimum set of technical interoperability and performance requirements of a solution compliant with the FMTP implementing rule.

This EUROCONTROL specification has been recognised as a Community specification (CS) after a positive opinion of the Single Sky Committee and after publication of the specification’s reference in the Official Journal of the European Union.


The use of X.25 data communication networks to support ground-ground ATS data exchanges is becoming increasingly costly and has a limited lifetime. As a consequence, it was necessary to adapt the former EUROCONTROL Standard for Flight Data Exchange Interface Control Document from X.25 to TCP/IP. This migration led to the development of the SES implementing rule and the EUROCONTROL Specification on Flight Message Transfer Protocol.

Both are in direct support of the Coordination and Transfer implementing rule and the EUROCONTROL Specification on On-Line Data Interchange (OLDI)

To support implementation, EUROCONTROL has also made available the ETIC test tool, FMTP test plans and additional guidance material.


During the review of the draft FMTP implementing rule at the 14th meeting of the Single Sky Committee, it was agreed to transform former Annex I and Part D of former Annex II into a EUROCONTROL Specification.

As a result, a draft EUROCONTROL Specification was submitted to a formal written consultation from 8th March 2006 to 8th May 2006, using the mechanisms of the EUROCONTROL Notice of Proposed Rule-Making (ENRPM) process.


EUROCONTROL hosts the FMTP forum to facilitate information exchanges between stakeholders that implement FMTP.

There are no on-going technical developments relating to the EUROCONTROL FMTP Specification.

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EUROCONTROL Standard Flight Data Exchange (Former communications protocol based on X.25 network services)