Flexible Use of Airspace (FUA) specification

EUROCONTROL Specification for the application of the Flexible Use of Airspace (FUA) – EUROCONTROL-SPEC-0112 - PUBLISHED


This EUROCONTROL Specification provides details of procedures and requirements for the implementation and application of the Flexible use of the Airspace Concept developed by EUROCONTROL. It addresses essential interoperability requirements to progressively facilitate implementation of operational coordination between civil and military ATM partners.

This specification also serves as a means of compliance to the essential requirements listed in the European Commission interoperability Regulation (EC) No 552/2004 of 10 March 2004 and to support implementation and application of Regulation (EC) No 2150/2005 of 23 December 2005 laying down common rules for the flexible use of the airspace.

This EUROCONTROL specification has been recognised as a Community specification (CS) after a positive opinion of the Single Sky Committee and after publication of the specification’s reference in the Official Journal of the European Union.


The introduction of the Flexible Use of Airspace (FUA) Concept is based on the fundamental principle that airspace is one continuum to be allocated for use on a day-to-day basis to accommodate user requirements.

The FUA Concept will allow the maximum joint use of airspace by appropriate civil/military co-ordination to achieve the required separation between civil and military flights, hence reducing airspace segregation needs.

LARA is a EUROCONTROL software package provided free of charge to stakeholders to support and enhance the airspace management process. It provides real-time exchange of airspace management data between involved actors enabling collaborative decision making and an enhanced situational awareness throughout the airspace management process. The implementation of LARA enables compliance with articles 5.3 and 6.2 of Commission Regulation (EC) No 2150/2005 laying down common rules for the Flexible Use of Airspace (FUA).


At its 18th meeting, the Single Sky Committee agreed to follow the SSC advisory procedure in accordance with Framework Regulation 550/04 for the mandate request to Eurocontrol to draw up Eurocontrol specifications (in accordance with interoperability Regulation 552/04, Article 4.1.b) for the flexible use of airspace.

As a result, a draft EUROCONTROL Specification was submitted to a formal written consultation from 15th February 2008 to 30th April 2008, using the mechanisms of the EUROCONTROL Notice of Proposed Rule-Making (ENPRM) process.

The summary of responses document was updated following the formal workshop held 16th May 2008.

The Final Report for the EUROCONTROL Specification on FUA was delivered to the European Commission on 2nd July 2008. It included the EUROCONTROL Specification on FUA (Edition 1.0) and the summary of responses (SOR) for the consultation on the specification.


Enhanced Flexible Use of Airspace (FUA) which aims at organising a European airspace no longer constrained by national borders is an essential enabler for the SESAR implementation programme in the frame of the recently established Single European Sky to ensure that the plans to develop the European air Transport from 2012 to 2020 are synchronised and integrated from research to operations.

EUROCONTROL has developed the Local And sub-Regional Airspace Management support system (LARA). The LARA team manages the development of the LARA software which is made available to EUROCONTROL stakeholders to implement FUA.

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