The ETS Support Facility

Support to the EU ETS Competent Authorities

In co-ordination with the ETS Competent Authorities of the European Union Member States, EUROCONTROL has developed and established a central ETS Support Facility.The Facility will provide ETS relevant information and data in order to assist the ETS Competent Authorities in meeting their regulatory obligations under the EU ETS.

The ETS Support Facility is available as an on-line permanent support to the EU States' ETS Competent Authorities, following the conclusion of contractual arrangements with EUROCONTROL.

Support to Aircraft Operators

Upon request from the EU States' ETS Competent Authorities and as approved by EUROCONTROL’s Permanent Commission through Directive 11-75 dated 4 February 2011, EUROCONTROL is also extending this support to those Aircraft Operators covered by the EU ETS.

The support consists of a draft annual emissions report and associated flight data information provided by email.

This information may be of interest and support to Aircraft Operators (both small emitters or larger operators), verifiers mandated to verify an Aircraft Operator’s annual emissions or tonne-kilometer report and service companies acting on behalf of Aircraft operators.

Latest developments:
The 2014 Draft Annual Emissions Report (Draft AER) compliant to the EU ETS Regulation (EU) No 421/2014 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 16 April 2014 amending the Directive 2003/87/EC is now available.
The amended report includes aviation emissions data relating to the reduced scope of the EU ETS up to December 2014. These data are updated regularly to provide you with the latest information available upon each download of the report (in case of late billing or credit for Route Charges for example).
Simplified Reporting Procedures (art. 28a) : If your ‘full scope’ CO2 emissions are below 25,000 tonnes during the 2013 and/or 2014 Scheme Year(s), you have the option to use data from the Support Facility rather than having your emissions verified by an independent verifier.
More information here.

To download the report, access the Support Facility here.

Any request will be checked by EUROCONTROL in order to verify the authority of the requester to receive that Aircraft Operator’s related information. This verification will be performed with the co-operation of the EU ETS Competent Authorities and will be based on the information already provided in the Aircraft Operator’s monitoring plan.

Therefore, the access to the support function requires that an Aircraft Operator has submitted an ETS Monitoring Plan to its relevant EU Competent Authority.

However, Aircraft Operators who have not yet submitted an ETS Monitoring Plan to their EU Competent Authorities will also have the possibility to register. EUROCONTROL will study the possibility to provide them with EU ETS information and contact them when this is possible.

The delivery of the information will be performed only after the on-line payment (by credit card) of the sum of 400 Euros.

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