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The EAD provides different sources of support and training for the benefit of clients (both DP and DU) while migrating and during operational activities.

On this page you find an overview of the most important services and tools available.

EAD Knowledgebase

EAD Knowledgebase

The Knowledge Base is a collection of valuable inputs mostly based on experience gained by consultants and clients. It is available to Data Providers and Data Users as a primary source of information and support.

The Knowledge Base is a collection of valuable inputs mostly based on experience gained by consultants and clients. It is available to Data Providers and Data Users as a primary source of information and support.
The Knowledge Base tool offers multiple knowledge models to access all kinds of information. As a consequence, different users might see different results when searching in the Knowledge Base.

It enables rapid knowledge-based searches to quickly resolve client's issues and can be accessed by means of the Helpdesk button on the EAD Explorer button bar.

EAD Knowledge Base

Users can search for a solution in the database by typing in keywords in the search field provided or they can browse among the Top Solutions and find an answer to their request.

A list of relevant documents according to the search criteria or keywords will then be displayed in the main panel.

Alternatively, documents can be browsed by subsystem (SDO, INO, PAMS, Charting etc.)

Service Desk

EAD Service Desk

The EAD Service Desk responds to clients' (DP & DU) enquiries for operational as well as service and general requests and to manage problems associated with any aspect of the services offered by the service provider.

It is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and deals with both operational and technical issues. Find it here.



SIGMA, the SDO Input Guidance Manual, provides a single point of entry to all relevant SDO data maintenance information. It is a support tool for EAD Data Providers during their migration process to the EAD as well as for operational data maintenance.

It is a CMS based system and covers complementary static data encoding rules part of AICM/AIXM rules with some additional EAD/SDO specific rules. Additionally, it gives references regarding where to find data in the AIP and other relevant information and is applicable for both ECIT and ESI clients.

As such, SIGMA addresses the EAD Data Providers need for a single access to all material supporting them in the static data maintenance, enabling them to enter AIS data and better understand the aeronautical information provision into SDO. The SIGMA gateway offers several information access gates: 

  • the SDO perspective view, with descriptions and definitions and referenced information to the AIP specimen annex SDO rules;
  • the eAIP Specimen view with links to the SDO view; 
  • the Rules view with an overview of all SDO Rules with additional information on the applied rule; 
  • and additional technical training material. 

EAD Data Users can also take full benefit from SIGMA, as a primary source in understanding harmonisation objectives and different rules applied in the EAD and AICM/AIXM data models.

E-learning and Training

For those who want to learn more about or need a dedicated training on the EAD, there are several options to choose from. Ranging from online e-learning trainings to specific courses held at the EAD training centre in Frankfurt. This page gives you an overview of the different options that exist.


The EAD general overview training and training for specific modules are also provided for data users and data providers at the EAD Training Centre in Frankfurt, Germany. Most training packages last for one day. To benefit fully from the course, trainees should have a good knowledge of English and at least a basic knowledge of Aeronautical Information Services (AIS). Click the link below for more information on scheduled training courses and costs.  
EAD Training Centre
In addition, EAD training is provided at the Institute of Air Navigation Services (IANS) in Luxembourg as a part of the Aeronautical Information Management (AIM) training module. Click the link below for more information on scheduled AIM training.  
Eurocontrol Institute of Air Navigation Services


Eurocontrol is offering an EAD e-learning module who will allow users to follow an EAD training from a PC with internet access. The objective of this module is to offer everyone who wants to learn more about the EAD application, the opportunity to do so without the need to travel to a specific training course location.

The e-learning module is available on the on the EUROCONTROL Training Zone:

  • EAD Operations (EAD Ops);

EAD Operations (EAD Ops)

During this module participants will learn the concept of the EAD including the available functions for EAD Clients like the helpdesk, the knowledgebase, the EAD operational time lines and web mail. Furthermore, the different EAD applications for data users, PAMS, SDO and INO, including the EAD Briefing Facility, are featured in this training as well. When completed, participants can start working with the EAD as a data user.
Prerequisites: Basic understanding of EAD

To find out more, consult the full EAD brochure (pdf) or visit the Training Zone.

Useful Links

Useful Links

  • EAD Basic Website Allows registered visitors to see current migration status of clients as well as have direct access to EAD data.


  • EAD Training Centre Official website of the EAD Training Centre in Frankfurt. Contains detailed information regarding EAD-specific training courses. 
  • Institute of Air Navigation Services Official website of EUROCONTROL’s IANS in Luxembourg. Contains detailed information regarding general training courses in the domain of Air Traffic Managament (ATM).

Associated Organisations

  • Frequentis is a private company and, on behalf of EUROCONTROL, the IT Service Provider responsible for the provision of the IT infrastructure, the integration of the EAD software, and the overall migration of clients to EAD.
  • GroupEAD website GroupEAD is a private company and the Data Operations Provider of the EAD, including training, on behalf of EUROCONTROL.
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