Fraud warning

There are plenty of fraudsters, trying to extract money from you by pretending to come from EUROCONTROL. Please be aware of this - and do pass this message on to your colleagues.

Help us control fraud!

If you receive dubious e-mails or calls, please contact the EAD Service immediately:


Fraudsters' methods

Fraudsters telephone or e-mail EAD Clients, presenting fake EUROCONTROL invoices.

They often claim that our bank accounts have changed and try to persuade EAD clients to make payments to false accounts.

A common trick is to send e-mails with a false address such as:


These addresses are easy to spot because of the misspelling (note the double ā€œlā€).

But the fraudsters are becoming more sophisticated and they also send fake EUROCONTROL invoices using addresses. Treat any e-mail with suspicion if you are being asked for financial information or being informed about a change of bank account number, even if the email looks as though it comes from

Be Warned

Never accept a payment instruction by telephone or e-mail.

Never pay money to any account other than the EUROCONTROL accounts, the one mentioned on our official billing documents.

Never communicate any information about your company that will give fraudsters extra knowledge and so help make them sound more plausible the next time.

What information can you trust?

We post you official EUROCONTROL documents, such as Bills and Statements of Accounts, all printed on secured watermarked paper, bearing the EUROCONTROL logo.

Bank accounts are printed on these official bills and statements of accounts. Never make payments to any other accounts!

We might contact you by e-mail or telephone to let you know which amounts are still outstanding. But we will never communicate a change of account this way.

Only those accounts printed on our official bills are the right ones: use those and no others.