Data Quality Requirements (DQR) specification

EUROCONTROL Specification for Data Quality Requirements (DQR) - EUROCONTROL-SPEC-152 IS PUBLISHED

European Commission Regulation (EU) 73/2010, laying down requirements on the quality of aeronautical data and aeronautical information for the single European sky aims at  improving the quality of aeronautical data/information made available by States, such that both current and future air navigation are supported.

The EUROCONTROL Specification for Data Quality Requirements is written as a possible Means of Compliance for Article 6(1) and Annex IV, Part A of Commission Regulation  (EU) 73/2010 in respect of setting data quality requirements for aeronautical data and aeronautical information. For this purpose this Specification includes in the Harmonised  List which sets the minimum requirements for accuracy, resolution and integrity for the relevant data items within the scope of Commission Regulation (EU) 73/2010. 

This Specification is primarily addressed to the Member States providing a means to establish the set of data quality requirements which may become mandatory within its area  of responsibility.



A draft EUROCONTROL Specification was submitted to a formal written consultation from 28 June 2010 to 30 September 2010, using the mechanisms of the EUROCONTROL Notice of Proposed Rule-Making (ENPRM) process.

The summary of responses document was updated following the formal workshop held on 17 February 2011.

 The final DQR specification has been published on 18 January 2013.