Any member of the SRC or one of its Working Groups/Task Forces shall be able to make comment, as appropriate, on SRC formal publications with a view to improving the safety regulation of the ATM system in Europe. The consultation process is consistent with the principles of the EUROCONTROL Notice of Proposed Rule Making (ENPRM) framework.

Comments may be submitted through the DPS Support to States and Regional Initiatives Unit (DPS/SSR).

Should you have any queries regarding the SRC consultation process, please contact DPS/SSR at;

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Current Requests for Comments (RFC)

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Previous Requests for Comments (RFC)

1505 SRC SRC Annual Safety Report 2015 - Submission to PC44 11-Nov-15
1504 SRC Commissioners Safety Analysis ATM Concept 08-Oct-15

AST-FP Group

Inputs to the ICAO EUR-NAT Region Annual Safety Report 05-Aug-15
1502 SRC Updated AST Guidance Material - EAM 2/GUI 9 and EAM 2/GUI 10 31-Aug-15
1501 SRC SRC Intermediate Safety Report 2015 - Submission to PC43 29-Apr-15
SRC Position Paper on the 'Review of the Preliminary Safety Case for ADS-B Airport Surface Surveillance Application (ADS-B-APT)'