Now is a particularly good time to look at Centralised Services because:

  • implementing the improvements coming out of SESAR will mean a lot of coordinated investment over the next few years;
  • the SESAR operational concept is much more network-centric and data-focused; and
  • the industry has become more cost-sensitive and thus is more receptive to a centralised approach that saves money;
  • it allows the ATM manufacturing industry to develop high tech solutions for future ATM;
  • it supports the creation of a market for some ATM support services;
  • it helps to make European ATM more competitive.

Centralised services are expected to bring many benefits:

  • cost savings (currently estimated at €1.5-2 billion over 10 years);
  • better operational efficiency and inter-operability;
  • a smoother, more coordinated introduction of the SESAR operational concept;
  • introduction of competitive trans-border activities;
  • a stronger position for Europe on the global stage.