Avionics Requirements

This section covers the requirements for avionics, and in particular:

  • What avionics are mandated
  • Where they apply
  • When they come into effect

The future evolution of avionics is also addressed, with links to the related programmes, initiatives & specialist websites.

Avionics requirement tables

It is important to note that the information in these tables relates, unless otherwise stated, to the airspace or airworthiness requirements of the States of the European Civil Aviation Conference (ECAC).

The intention is to list key Avionics requirements including those recently or soon to be brought into force.

Where a system requirement is not mandated in ECAC airspace, its application is determined by the world wide ICAO Annex 6 standards. These standards are adopted by JAA regulation and operators registered in ECAC must be compliant. Each non-JAA (Joint Aviation Authorities) Operator, therefore has to be in accordance with its national legislation, which should in turn encompass the Annex 6 standards.

If a State elects to waive the ICAO Annex 6 standards, a ‘Difference’ must be notified to ICAO, which will be made known to the other States. It is up to each JAA member State to accept, or not, a deviation from the ICAO Annex 6 standards.

Links to external regulatory or standardisation authorities concerned with avionics.

Regulatory bodies

This section provides links to regulatory bodies and standardisation bodies concerned with avionics.

Direct links to documentation on specific avionics capabilities may be also accessed via the Civil & Military Avionics Requirements Tables

International Civil Aviation Organisation

European Union & European wide

Civil Aviation Authorities (CAAs)

Joint Aviation Authorities

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