ATM Surveillance System Performance (ESASSP) specification

EUROCONTROL Specification for ATM Surveillance System Performance (ESASSP) – EUROCONTROL-SPEC-0147 - PUBLISHED

ESASSP provides performance requirements for ATM surveillance systems when supporting 3 and 5 NM horizontal separation applications. This specification has been developed by an international group of experts from Air Navigation Service Providers (ANSP), system manufacturers and National Supervisory Authorities (NSA).

This specification was developed in parallel with the draft Surveillance Performance and Interoperability Implementing Rule (SPI IR). On 21 November 2011 the final rule (Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) No 1207/2011) was published within the European Union Official Journal. This specification therefore complements and refines the requirements included in this Single European Sky (SES) regulation.
This document can be used by air navigation service providers to define, as required by Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) No 1207/2011, the performance to be met by their surveillance system when supporting 3 and 5 NM horizontal separation applications. This specification also defines how the associated conformity assessment must be performed. It should be noted that this specification does not address safety requirements.

Volume 1 specifies the requirements that have to be met to claim conformity to this EUROCONTROL specification whereas volume 2 contains informative appendices.


In the course of the 2000’s years with the emerging of new surveillance technologies (like ADS-B and Multilateration) the EUROCONTROL Standard Document for Radar Surveillance in En-route Airspace and Major Terminal Areas (dated 1997) became to limited to address ATM surveillance system performance specification. Therefore it was decided to develop a surveillance system performance specification which is independent of technologies, which is application driven (3 and 5 NM horizontal separation) and which does not impose specific architectures.


A draft EUROCONTROL Specification was submitted to a formal written consultation from 2nd September 2011 to 18th November 2011, using the mechanisms of the EUROCONTROL Notice of Proposed Rule-Making (ENRPM) process in line with EUROCONTROL Regulatory and Advisory Framework (ERAF).

The summary of responses document was updated following the formal workshop held 7th February 2012.


This document is maintained by the Surveillance Standard Task Force; this task force is currently in a dormant state but would be re-activated if necessary (e.g. to address horizontal separation based on other separation minima).

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