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Free Route Airspace for Sarajevo, Zagreb and Belgrade
On 30 April 2015, the South-East Axis Free Route Airspace implementation project was successfully concluded: Free Route operations are now being...
30 Apr 2015
A consortium of European air navigation service providers...
27 Apr 2015
Twenty years ago today, Europe entered the era of central...
27 Apr 2015
In April this year, the Common Core Content concept for...
15 Apr 2015
The EUROCONTROL Network Manager is holding an operational...


The objective is to optimise traffic flows according to air...
Airports are a crucial component of the overall aviation...
Under the umbrella of the pan-European system design...
EUROCONTROL has prepared a short summary offering an...
We support the EUROCONTROL Member States to enhance the...
Communications, Navigation and Surveillance (CNS) are three...
The ash cloud crises (2010 and 2011) showed that a network...
EUROCONTROL puts its environmental expertise at the service...
The Network Manager provides traffic and delay forecasts...
The Network Manager Operations Centre (NMOC, previously...
The Network Operations planning ensures the seamless...
We make plans and write reports for the European air...
European airspace users pay for the services they use when...
Our approach to safety is a pro-active and preventive one:...
Our primary objective is to deliver quality training in air...

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