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From 17 - 19 September 2014, Beijing

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Implementing the European Single Sky: how far are we?

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Building resilience into Europe’s ATM network

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Just how well did
ATM perform in 2013?

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From 2015 onwards, traffic growth is expected to be back at 2.7% per year

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Over 40 airlines join the award-winning Flight Efficiency initiative

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European Global Navigation Satellite Systems Agency and EUROCONTROL announce cooperation agreement
Agreement will leverage synergies to enhance aviation safety, improve air traffic management and...
12 Sep 2014
August’s air traffic continued the upward trend began in...
11 Sep 2014
EUROCONTROL is delighted to be attending ATC Global 2014 in...
04 Sep 2014
European flights increased by 2.2% in June and 1.8% in July...
29 Aug 2014
Following a fissure eruption north of Dynjujökull, the...

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In 1998, the EUROCONTROL Organisation launched Performance...
We support the EUROCONTROL Member States to enhance the...
Our primary objective is to deliver quality training in air...
The ash cloud crises (2010 and 2011) showed that a network...
The Network Manager provides traffic and delay forecasts...
The Network Manager Operations Centre deliver core...
Under the umbrella of the pan-European system design...
Our approach to safety is a pro-active and preventive one:...
Communications, Navigation and Surveillance (CNS) are three...

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